Our location in the heart of Hamilton

Gavin Marshall Dental Practice, welcomes patients from Hamilton, Motherwell, Blantyre, Uddingston and surrounding areas.

The practice is situated in the middle of the pedestrianised shopping area of Hamilton with excellent
access by train and bus and also car parking is seconds away at the New Cross center car park.

Hamilton bus and train station is only less than 2 minutes walk away.

Perfectly located and easily accessible for residents of Hamilton, Motherwell, Uddingston, Blantyre, Wishaw, East Kilbride
and also welcome any patients from all the surrounding areas and Glasgow.


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Contact info

Gavin Marshall Dental Practice
78 Quarry Street
Hamilton, ML3 7AU

01698 424444Telephone:
01698 28147524hr phone:
E-mail: info@gavinmarshalldental.com

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